Saturday, October 16, 2004

Eat to stay Young

Few people really believe their diet is bad for them. Yet if looked at in an unbiased way it possibly is leading them to an early grave. That grease filled hamburger, the binging on chocolate. Its all a matter of perspective. Having an occasional hamburger will not kill you, however a lifetimes consumption will possibly lead to a slow, painful death.

In today's society, food is usually viewed as more than just your source of nutrition, its also a source of comfort, a symbol of wealth, a social event, or even a form of recreation.

We've been heavily influenced in what we eat by our parents, friends and the massive marketing campaigns that bombard us with messages that consciously and unconsciously shape our choice of what to eat and how to live our lives. Our lives have become time poor, yet many have greater disposable income and more and more opportunities to spend it on fast and or heavily processed foods.

Who was the last one in your family to grow their own vegetables, free of pesticide, grind their own flour and bake their own bread? Interesting thought isn't it.



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